The Noisematch Group© is a select group of companies focused on the inception, development & deployment of music +film +audio technology initiatives. Established 2010, The Noisematch Group© has not only been involved in some of the most notorious and game-changing musical projects in the world, but has also established a new standard for the for creative project development.

MusicMastermind.TV is an on-line platform providing unprecedented access to all of the activities that get carried out inside the professional recording studio, natively in both English & Spanish.

Our platform features a comprehensive and extensive learning experience through hundreds of videos presenting material ranging from core techniques to modern studio practices. The system is ultimately designed to make the user an integral studio professional with advanced experience, even if they’re complete beginners. We’ve made an effort to prepare and present our content in a very visual and accessible manner; breaking down complex and long subjects into digestible pieces of information which are easy to understand.

Noisematch Studios© is Miami’s Top Music Recording Studio & interactive content factory. Established 2010, Noisematch Studios has been the birthplace of amazing recordings such as “La música no se toca” by Alejandro Sanz (Latin Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album) , “En Español” by Natalie Cole (Latin Grammy Award for Album of the Year nominee) & “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee (4x Latin Grammy Recipient +Most streamed song of all time) amongst many others.

Beyond the music, Noisematch Studios© is also a full-fledged content production facility developing exciting & cinematic content & events for major brands and corporate partners. 

Noisematch films is Miami’s premier company for high-end cinematic entertainment content.

Image are lifeless without music. Not only do we pay meticulous attention and have the highest standards for visual capture, production & reproduction but we live and breathe music and understand to a deep extend the relationship between different musical formats and their adaptations to the big screen. We do it all, from simple social media content& live performances, to super-produced music videos and complex full-feature film scores. We’re always in the pursuit of the next visual masterpiece. 

Digital Business Consulting For The New Era.

With a constantly-evolving digital business landscape, it is extremely hard for entrepreneurs , companies & brands to “cut through the media clutter” and create the impact they deserve for their products and services. There’s just many moving parts that require a symbiotic movement in order to create a real and solid connection and relationships between brands and customers that are organic and exciting.  In order to provide value and given that we’ve spent over 3 decades creating successful business ecosystems internationally, we’ve decided to create resources in order to “decode” the real process of monetizing efforts through the major marketing channels both online & offline. From our 5X Profit Educational Series for Business to our private consulting practices, we’re ready to provide you with the tools to finally maximize your revenue streams and improve on your conversion & retention on the web.